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Dileh Medical Ltd began in 2000 as Dileh silicon Products founded by Taichung. The company was incorporated as Dileh Medical Ltd in 2006.
Over the years Dileh Medical has become the leading producer of Silicon disposable products in Taiwan. Our production plant is centrally located close to Fengyuan city, the mail export Taichung port.
Our core technology is in the fabrication of devices from silicone - chosen for its safety and versatility, Dileh Medical silicone medical products are latex-free and contain no toxins, plasticisers or other potential irritants. They can be disposed of safety in landfill sites without harmful environmental impact.
We care a complete line of continence care products. We also distributr specialized products that provide solutions to the challengers faced by the elderly, handicapped, or others with special needs.

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Production center in Taiwan
20 employees
5 million units per year
4 Automat production lines

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Dileh Medical's advanced catheter designs are helping men improve their quality of life. Innovative materials, improved adhesives, and new product configurations make external catheters a comfortable reliable continence care choice. Our broad line of silicone male external catheters offer security and peace of mind for many men. Our variety of design configurations and sizes ensure men, including those who were previously hard to fit, will find an option that fits well and stays securely in place

Super soft
Self-Adhering Male External Catheter

Standard length and adhesive width for everyday wear.
Clear, latex free material allows for visualization of skin tone.

Self-Adhering Male External Catheter

Shorter sheath length accomm-
odates wider range of needs.
Security and ease of application ensured through an integrated adhesive.

Self-Adhering Male External Catheter

Contains 70% more adhesive than the Standard or Special sheaths for added security


Dileh Medical Male External Catheters Provide

Standard and Hydrocolloid

1. Superior breathability for enhanced comfort and optimal skin integrity
2. Soft silicone and uniform adhesive for secure placement
3. Clear sheath for easy visual inspection of skin
4. Kink-resistent design to ensure continuous urine flow

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Dileh Medical supplies co.,Ltd.
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